Sew-In hair extensions are often referred to as invisible because the hair looks completely natural to the eye.  One of the chief benefits for this method is a fast beautiful long look. Sew-In Hair is also referred to as Track in Sew or Weft Hair Extensions because the hair comes in large wefts. Our stylists apply hair extensions to give our clients a longer and fuller look. The hair is 100% real human hair, using remy strands.


How does Sew-In Hair work?

Your real hair is braided into classic corn rows. Another option is to create a traditional French braid. Using precision, the weft is then gently sew unto the pre-braided hair. This creates a free flowing appearance. For women who cope with thinning hair or Alopecia, these extensions can be a fantastic solution.


Why Choose Sew-In Weave Hair Extensions?

The sew-in weave can be a great alternative to the fusion technique. It is also considerably less expensive than micro rings.  Sew-In weave can be used on virtually all hair types-Asian, Black, White, and Latin.


Can I buy my own hair for the appointment?

Yes. We are happy to install  hair extensions from your choice, after a consultation.


Do you make very tight braids?

Nope. The goal here is to give you a new look. Not a headache. Some stylists have been known to pull hair straight out of the root because braiding was careless. Using a firm braid will ensure the hair system lasts.

Benefits of Sew-In Hair Extensions:

• Low maintenance
• Retain growth
• Saves time
• Keeps hair soft
• Allows for versatile looks


**All types of extensions are available as full head, half or mixed depending on the costumer need or choice

Image of the application of hair extensions through the Sew-In application process