A: The application will not damage your hair but applying and maintaining it is crucial. The high level of expertise of your stylist is important for a damage free application and it is the main reason why we are respected by our extension clients. The most important aspect for a successful and damage free application always lies in the details of the application. There is one size fits all application technique that works for everyone, as each client’s hair conditions and desired results play a role.

A: You can expect to have amazingly beautiful hair that nobody could tell is not yours.

A: Yes, you should always call to arrange an appointment as we only do house calls and our appointments book up rather quickly.

A: Clip-ins are a temporary fix. We do not offer these.

A: Hair extensions in their nature are not damaging. When the application is done by an experienced professional, the risk of damaging your hair is not present at all. It is very important that a hair extensions specialist removes the extensions when the time comes.

A: Contact us for a consultation. It depends on your hair texture, length, what look you are going for and what your daily activities are.

A: It depends on the method of application. Hair extensions can take several hours, but the procedure can be broken into multiple sessions.

A: It depends on the type of hair that they are applied to and how you care for your extensions afterwards, but they should last 4-6 months on average.

A: A quality hair weave looks 100% natural when applied by a specialist. At Liliana Hair Extensions, we bring glamour to your appearance with beautiful hair that has fullness and length.