Brazilian Knots are a great alternative if you have been wearing extensions done by a fusion technique or even a sew in. Brazilian Knots are done with thread. Brazilian Knot Extensions are a no-braid type of hair extension that offers an amped up head of hair with minimal damaging consequences in the long-term. There is no glue, no keratin bonds, and no fusion. By far, it has been considered the least damaging strand by strand extension.

It can last up to eight months with the proper care. Brazilian knots look extremely natural and can even be pulled into a tight ponytail and up do seamlessly without any evidence of extensions.


Brazilian knots are applied with small sections of your natural hair knotted around small group of strands of extension hair using thread, the actual weave, or tiny rubber bands. Ideally, you should have at least a half inch of natural hair out to work with.


Tips to Care For Brazilian Knot Extensions:

• Using a moisturizing shampoo once a week will give your hair and extensions the hydration they need
• Moisturizing your scalp and hair on a daily basis is very important
• Don’t forget to wrap them at night
• Even though they last up to 6-8 months, you should change them every 3 months to prevent breakage from the extension
• You can put heat on it because it does not melt or fall out


**All types of extensions are available as full head, half or mixed depending on the costumer need or choice

Image of Liliana applying hair extensions using the Brazilian Knot application method