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Get the Best Hair Extensions in New York

Instantly add glamour to your appearance with Liliana Hair Extensions in New York, NY. We provide top quality service and amazing looks. If you have thinning hair or just short hair and are looking to add more volume or length, then hair extensions are your best choice. Liliana can provide you with the best human hair extensions and a professional application using the method that best suits you. Contact us to receive a free consultation to help determine the best application method for your hair and style you want to achieve.

If you are wondering where to get long, luxurious hair extensions for short hair, then we have awesome options that can provide you with natural looking extensions and travel to YOU. We give clients the choice to pick many types of top quality hair extensions brands. You can also choose the look – whether its curly hair extensions, wavy hair extensions or plain and simple straight hair – we’ve got it all. We apply 100% real human hair extensions at affordable costs.

Image of a before and after image of a hair extension application by Liliana Hair Extensions

Best REAL Hair Extensions

Now you can get thicker, longer hair with just one convenient appointment. Our extensions are worn at weddings, bridal parties, proms, and every day use. Super straight, curly or full hair styles are offered. Color matching is no problem.


Strand by Strand Hair Extensions Applied by Our Professionals

While there are many hair replacement systems on the market, our professionals use U-Tip hard keratin fusion bonds to bring about more volume. The process takes a few hours but the results are nothing short of amazing.

We are proud to offer in-home services. We know that the application for hair extensions can take several hours. Our goal is to make your experience the most comfortable it can be.

Make a true impact on the way others perceive you by adding hair that is virtually invisible to onlookers. Contact us today for information on best quality, real human hair extensions, by Liliana Hair Extensions.

Image of a before and after image of a hair extension application by Liliana Hair Extensions